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March 2020 – COVID-19

The Directors completed their necessary work and returned home early due to Covid-19. Our attention turned to creating and implementing on-line learning and homework packets for the students and more importantly, providing food packets for those in the community who have lost their employment and income and were in danger of going hungry.

January 2018 – Grade 9 added and 350 students

In Guatemala over 300,000 children are unable to attend primary school, only 50% attend Grades 7 – 9. With the addition of Grade 9, we will give all our students an opportunity to graduate from Grade 9 with continued support to attend Grades 10 and 11, the finals years of High School in Guatemala.

September 2006 – Los Patojos starts in parent’s home

Juan Pablo recognized his community was troubled. Gangs ruled the streets, corruption, drugs, alcohol abuse, and poverty were a dire threat for the future of the next generation. In response, he created the school, Los Patojos, in his parent's home.  The school grew to 150 students with a single toilet, far too small.

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